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The village of Gouria is situated in the Far North of Cameroon in the stunningly beautiful Kapsiki mountains. It takes two and a half days and four different means of transport to get there from the capital, Yaounde.

The village is on the dirt track which runs from Mokolo to Garoua alongside the border with Nigeria (see map). There is no running water in Gouria. The wells dry up in the months of February and March. There is no electric supply and even the weekly market has been abandoned.

 Cameroon Factfile

Gouria Factfile

Population: 16,200,000

Languages: 24 African languages, French & English.

Capital: Yaoundè

Climate: Tropical along coast, with rainy and dry season. semi arid and hot in North.

Economy: Coffee, cotton, rubber, textiles, oil exploitation off North West coast.

History: Former French and British colonies joined to form an independent republic in 1960.
Member of the Commonwealth.

Did you know?
The Cameroon football team reached the quarter final of the World Cup in 1990. They have also won the African Nations Cup 4 times!
  • mains electricity connected in 2006
  • major discovery of an underground source of potable water 2007
  • four day journey time from Europe
  • 130 km to the nearest internet

  • nightfall is around 18.30 all year round